POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics is a leading manufacturer of silicone implants.

Currently we offer the largest range of implants for body contouring. Be that implants for breast augmentation or body shaping - our products not only meet the highest quality standards, but due to our many years of experience and the constantly evolving know-how of our employees they are among the safest and best on the market.

We focus on silicone-gel filled implants, as these have proved ideal for soft tissue replacement. Silicone is biologically inert and does not contain additives such as plasticizers. There is scientific studies do not report allergic reactions caused by our silicone implants.

A special feature of our implants are the surfaces developed by us. In years of intensive research, we have succeeded to develop various surface textures for our implants. Two of them – POLYtxt® and Microthane® – have shown to contribute to a reduction of capsular contracture.

Feel safe with POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics products for your body!

POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics provides a large selection of facial implants for an individual aesthetic facial contour. Facial implants consist of a smooth silicone elastomer and are designed for contour augmentation and correction, e.g. of asymmetries, as well as for reconstruction, e.g. after an accident.

Losing one or both testicles due tocancer or trauma can be difficult for a man. A testicular implant can be utilized to aesthetically replace the missing testicle. Other indications for testicular implants are congenital defects.

Most people are fairly unfamiliar with the existence of testicular implants (PDF). The reason for this is the understandable reluctance of patients who had a treatment to speak of their situation. However, the intervention itself is known to be reliable and safe.

All our implants have a multilayered silicone shell with a barrier layer. The surface of that shell can be designed in different ways:

  • smooth: POLYsmoooth
  • microtextured (= slightly roughened): MESMO®sensitive, POLYtxt®
  • covered in micropolyurethane foam: Microthane®

Microtextured and Microthane® implants tend to retain their position in the body and will not rotate nor dislocate easily. The Microthane® surface additionally offers greater protection from capsular contracture. Overall, they produce significantly reduced complication rates.

In Europe, we are the only manufacturer of breast implants coated with Microthane®. The selection of the appropriate implant surface for you is something you will discuss with your physician or surgeon.

Whatever surface you choose – with our implants you play it safe.

Fat deposits are often of genetic origin and therefore difficult to reduce. Having strong thighs and hips or superfluous weight in the belly area may cause a feeling of unattractiveness and result in a reduced quality of life. Liposuction may help to improve body proportions.

There exist different procedures for liposuction. Which type of procedure your physician decides to apply in your case depends on the results of your physical examination and personal preferences. Apart from a broad range of silicone implants, POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics provides various medical instruments for liposuction at our facilities in Dieburg, Germany.

Our bustiers (bras) (PDF) are utilized after breast surgery. They stabilize the aesthetic result of the surgery and support an easy healing process. They hold the implants and bandages in place, facilitate wound inspection and handling, and provide a better implant-tissue contact for better ingrowth of the tissue onto or around the implant.

The bras are made of mixed fibers with a high portion of cotton for greater patient comfort. They are available in white and black, and with or without cups. They can be washed by hand at 30°C and have adjustable Velcro fastenings.

If your surgeon suggests that you wear a compression bra, s/he will take your measurements and give them to you so you can order the proper size at your pharmacy, medical supply store or with our partner in your country.

Over-productive scars can occur after surgical interventions, accidents, burns, as well as after laser treatments, chemical peelings, or dermabrasion. There are different types of such scars.

Our silicone gel and silicone-gel sheets (PDF) can be used for the treatment of existing scars as well as for scar prevention. The gel and sheets are medically and biologically safe. The silicone-gel sheets are water repellent, gas permeable and self adherent. They can be reused after they have been cleaned with mild soap.

The silicone gel is used where the application of the gel sheets is not possible or not tolerated, e.g. in the face or around joints. In contact with oxygen, the gel forms a long-lasting and gas-permeable film, which makes it possible to use make-up.

The silicone gel and silicone-gel sheets are easy to use, with no risk or pain involved – even old scars can be treated successfully.

You can buy our silicone gel and silicone-gel sheets at the pharmacy. Consult with your physician whether they are applicable in your case.

Apart from aesthetic breast augmentation or post-cancer breast reconstruction with silicone implants, there are many other cosmetic procedures. Wrinkle or scar treatment, liposuction or body contour correction with implants are gaining importance.

We use our in-depth know-how and the advantageous technical environment in Germany for the production of silicone implants. Additionally, we produce medical devices and instruments for various procedures in the field of plastic surgery.

From the beginning, we have established a transparent quality management, which we are continually improving. All our implants are carefully manufactured in Dieburg, Germany, under cleanroom conditions and in accordance with the highest quality standards. These are some of the reasons that make us unique.

We continually advance the development of our products. To this effect, our research and development team cooperates closely with experienced physicians and surgeons.

In this manner, we can ensure a consistently high quality and safety for you – patients and physicians – who use our products and trust us.

We are the only manufacturer of breast implants and other soft-tissue implants in Germany.

  • All our implants are primarily handmade in Dieburg, Germany, according to the state-of-the-art quality standards.
  • We continually advance the development of our products. To this effect, our research and development team cooperates closely with physicians and patients.
  • To ensure maximum safety and compliance with the highest quality standards, we check every single implant by hand after each production step.
  • Mechanical stress tests ensure that we can vouch for the quality of our implants even in extreme cases.
  • Our implants are filled with a highly cohesive, medical-grade quality silicone gel approved for long-term implantation.
  • We can produce custom-made implants or special sizes on request.
  • Currently, we offer the largest product range.

Quality "Made in Germany" – a decision for your safety and your health! 

There are physical defects, either congenital or caused by illness or accident, that cannot be corrected by prefabricated implants. In such cases, custom-made implants often are the optimum solution.

In such cases, we work closely with your surgeon and will manufacture a custom implant to suit your individual needs.

Skin expanders (PDF) are primarily utilized for reconstructive purposes. They are implanted to grow excess tissue for the treatment of defects, which were, for example, caused by burns or accidents.

An expander is inserted like an implant, but only temporarily. Initially, an expander is just an empty shell with a built-in or remote valve. This shell is gradually filled through the valve with saline solution. Through the slow expansion of the expander, the patient's skin tissue expands over a period of several weeks or months. Additional tissue is obtained, which can be transplanted to a different location on the body of the patient.

In Dieburg, Germany, POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics manufactures skin expanders in different sizes and shapes for a variety of uses.

Pectoralis implants, i.e. implants for contouring of the male chest, are used for aesthetic as well as reconstructive purposes.

Due to our many years of experience with breast implants for female patients we are able to offer pectoralis implants (link to PDF for download) that cater to the most demanding requirements regarding quality and safety.

Pectoralis implants may be exposed to higher stress than, for example, breast implants, this is why they are filled with an even more cohesive gel.

The incision by which the implant will be inserted is usually placed in the armpit.

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